President’s Corner

Presidents Corner February 2019

The invite by AWBD to Sam Houston to provide a seminar on Who, What Sam Houston Water does went over extremely well. I hope some of you got to attend and support me in my presentation. I was only able to present what Sam Houston does on a local level not a state level for the TWUA regional and local chapters. There was a lot of good questions and comments on how we can train, get resources, utilize AWWA, HCC, along with Sam Houston taking the lead. We are up to a very large challenge to promote the water industry as a career, provide training, and spread the word of how licensed operators are ensuring our water is safe to drink during all conditions. Public perception of our industry is what we communicate back to our customers, and if our industry isn’t communicating back how great of job we do the customers get to come to their own conclusion by media, internet, and local news groups of HOA, Facebook groups and such. Let us as Sam Houston Members accept this challenge and be the Water Industry Advocate.

Richard Steadman