President’s Corner

Presidents Corner March 2019

Sam Houston Annual Softball Tournament is next on the calendar. Hope everyone is on a team. It is scheduled for April 27th 2019 at Cullen Park. Magna Flow will be cooking along with Hays Utility, Magna Flow, & WDM providing all the goodies; Hot Dogs & Hamburgers with the fixins.

The Southeast Region Annual Beaumont Conference starts on April 29 through May 2, 2019.This is not a very far drive to send the operators to for the courses they need for certification. They can apply on the TCEQ website now for the opportunity to take the licensing exam immediately after taking the class. Take time to consider utilizing your resources now to get your operators licensed before the summer time comes and we need them! Remember the level D certification for both water and wastewater only needs to take the Basic course and then test. So get them signed up for the TCEQ background test NOW!

Richard Steadman 2019 President