President’s Corner

Presidents Corner January 2022- Happy New Year

A big THANK YOU to the City of Katy for hosting our December meeting.  I wasn’t really sure of what to expect since December is not a normal meeting month for us…but “Hey”, what’s been normal these last 2 years? We had a good member turnout and the presentation by Laurie Rodriguez with the City of Pearland was very informative and hopefully we all were able to gain a new perspective on pre-treatment and compliance issues.  We even brought back the famous (or infamous) safety presentation.

I am looking forward to our next meeting on January 20th at NAPCO.  Jay Judge will be updating us on revisions to the Lead and Copper Rule.  Hope to see everyone there and a reminder that memberships can be renewed at the meeting if needed.

As I write this, it is still 2021.  During this time of the year, I like to pause and reflect back on the previous year – accomplishments as well things that could have been done differently or better.  To say that the previous year has been challenging is definitely an understatement.  We are all trying to live and work during a pandemic and deal with all the challenges associated with that.  Professionally, it has caused many disruptions in our normal work flow including staff shortages and supply chain issues.  Throw in a record-breaking freeze in February and WOW – what a toll this year has taken on many fields – including ours.

One thing that was key in our organization was to ensure that our staff was cross-trained.  When someone was out for days or even weeks, we had to make sure that the job still got done.  Could we have done more?  Of course… and our organization like everyone else is continuously working on that.

Where I am going with this is that when I look at our members at the meetings each month, I see years of valuable experience and wisdom in so many faces.  I have been extremely fortunate to work with mentors who were willing to share whatever experiences and knowledge they had with me to turn me into a well-rounded environmental professional.

A new year is also a time to make resolutions, goals and challenges.  My challenge to myself and each one of you in 2022 is to take few minutes during the week and share your experiences and knowledge with someone in the industry – essentially “cross-training”.  It can be a co-worker new to the industry or even just by simply participating in our Peer-to Peer discussions each month or in a class you are attending.  Passing on this knowledge ensures sustainability for our industry and reaching our ultimate goal of providing the best service and product possible for our customers.  Some of you may have gotten burned in the past, by spending a lot of time training someone only for them to leave for another job.  Please try not to let this discourage you.

Take it from someone who has truly appreciated the extra training sessions – ME!  It does make a difference and even if it only makes a difference to one person, I truly believe it was worth it.

Looking forward to and wishing you all a prosperous and healthy 2022,

Laura Bonjonia