President’s Corner

Presidents Corner SEPTEMBER 2019


The 68th Annual Sam Houston Conference was a Success thanks to our dedicated vendors and members. The Sam Houston board works tirelessly during the year to bring the program together. A Special Thanks to Mr. Bill Callegari for taking time out of his busy schedule and speaking to the members.  We have been blessed by have Bill as our Water Industry Advocate who continues to be involved in supporting Training and Education for Water Professionals.

October 12, 2019 is the Sam Houston Golf Tournament. See Zachary Pratt for registration.

MONTHLY SAFETY TIP: Portable Power & Hand Tool Safety; OSHA GENERAL DUTY CLAUSE 29CFR 1910.242 CLAUSE 5(a) (1) Improper hand or portable tools can lead to serious injuries. OSHA highlights injuries can include; Electrical Shock, Eye Injury, Broken Bones or Bruises, Cuts, & Puncture wounds if Safety Knowledge is not applied. Proper Grounding while using power tools is the major violation documented by OSHA. You should inspect the cord and grounding connection prior to using to ensure that the electrical current doesn’t use your body as the conductor if the flow of current is interrupted during operation. Using the right tool for the job and following the manufacturer’s proper use of the tool can minimize risk associated by improper use. AKA, pry bars are often substituted with a large screwdriver that can slip off the object needing moved. Take the time to get the correct tool and use it accordingly, while showing others the proper way to use tools so a co-worker doesn’t get injured. On the job injuries affect all of us when time off is required from an injury. SO FOLLOW SAFE PRACTICES USING POWER AND HAND TOOLS…… BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT TEXANS DO!

Richard Steadman 2019 President