President’s Corner

June 2022 – Data Overload or Data Overwhelmed?

Thank you to all who made it to our May meeting!  Godwin Pumps hosted our group and for those that enjoy crawfish, I heard it was delicious.  For those that don’t – the burgers were awesome, too.  The presentations this month were outstanding.  Andrew Swirsky, PE with Xylem, discussed how to use data to make real-time decisions in operations and Mark Kirsopp, with The Scruggs Company, presented common problems and trouble-shooting techniques for valves and pumps.  Thanks again to Dan Fain and his group at Godwin Pumps/Xylem.

Here at Sam Houston, we have already been busy preparing for the All-Day School in Humble.  Please go ahead and mark your calendars for Thursday, August 18th.  This is an opportunity for you to earn 8 hours of CEUs toward your license renewal.  We will have our generous sponsors there to visit with in the exhibit hall and lunch will be provided!

For those of you that do not know, I am in the data generating business!  I work in a laboratory that generates tens of thousands of pieces of data each month.  This month’s presentations really hit home for me.  We are bombarded with data almost every minute of each day.  From emails (I’ve received 10 just in the few minutes taken to write this article so far), texts, phone messages, lab data, instrument readings and alarms, invoices, quotes, purchase orders, and on and on and on…I definitely feel data overloaded and even data overwhelmed at times.  However, I then remember the days of doing charts and calculations by hand which can now be completed in a few minutes or even seconds with the push of a few buttons on our computers.  I can now search the internet to find out information that would have taken me hours of research time in a library or book store.  All this data available in a matter of minutes – it’s amazing!  As Mr. Swirsky’s presentation showed us, this availability of data can make us much better at our jobs.  Rather than reacting to problems and issues that occur, the access to all this data can us help monitor trends, use our staff and resources more efficiently, and predict in real time where problems will be occurring – being proactive rather than reactive.  We have all heard this before, right?  The access to all this data can be a useful tool in this process.  The trick is to not let this access become overwhelming.  However, finding this balance is easier said than done!

Be on the lookout for our scholarship recipient announcement soon and thank you to all who generously buy raffle tickets each month.  The money that is raised though these sales goes to this fund.

I hope to see you all on June 16th at Accurate Meter!

Thank you,

Laura Bonjonia