President’s Corner

Presidents Corner JUNE 2020

Greetings from East Harris County,
It looks like things may be breaking our way for a change. Accurate Meter has graciously put themselves forward to be our host for the June Meeting. The meeting will be June the 18th at their facility at 5445 Stockdick School Rd, Katy, TX 77449. They have come up with some innovative ideas for hosting the meeting while maintaining social distancing.
Even something as simple as choosing to wear a mask to protect others is a divisive issue these days. The first day that I wore my mask to work one of the employees asked if I was “afraid that the employees were going to make me sick?” My answer was “This is not the kind of mask that prevents me from catching the virus. It is a simple homemade mask my wife made for me. I’m wearing it to keep me from making others sick in case I have the virus and have not shown any symptoms.” Have I been 100% about wearing my mask, sadly no. It is not an easy habit to form. It is increasingly uncomfortable as the weather warms up and sometimes my mind is on other things and I simply forget.
As is with so many things during the pandemic, there is a lot of conflicting information being shared by the news, facebook or other internet and cable sources. We were told early on to quit buying masks as they were ineffective in keeping us safe from the virus. Of course, at that time we were taking away supplies needed for the protection of first responders and medical staff. Our responsibility is to make the best choices from this conflicting data to decide how best to take care of ourselves, our families, co-workers and others that we care about.
Masks will not be required to attend the meeting, but if you care about others, probably not a bad idea.
Obviously, the best way to stay safe is to stay home. If you do not feel comfortable coming to the meeting in June, then stay at home.

As always, please put safety first.
Pat Gray