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SHWUA is a district chapter of Texas Water Utility Association (TWUA) serving the greater Houston-Area. TWUA is a water utility, member-centered organization. TWUA provides training programs, technical publications, and mutual problem solving opportunities for those employed in, or otherwise interested in, the water utility industry.

TWUA goal is to assist our members in providing improved services to mankind in their public health and environmental endeavors



We are working very hard to put on our usual All-Day Conference at the Humble Civic Center on August 19th.  Please come out and acquire the hours you need for license renewal.  It is a good chance for you to interact with the vendors that we all use on a regular basis.  Pick their brains about some of their equipment or services that you may be using.  Or find out about what new technologies are available.  Please be sure to thank our vendors for supporting SHWUA and the All-Day, we couldn’t do this without them. 

Lunch  is sponsored by Accurate Meter & Supply

Please click on 2021 All-Day Conference for additional information.

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Angela Ashley (MacCauely Foundation)

Abbie Culver

Adrine Glover

Caleb Lira

Congratulations to 2021 scholarship recipients  

We want to thank all of our members and sponsors for supporting this program.

Click here for more information on SHWUA Scholarship Program




The July Meeting got off to a rainy start but at the end it was a great success. We would like to thank Vanessa Chapa with Inframark and Dyer Schlitzkus with LJA Environmental Services for their presentation on the pending revisions to the Lead and Copper Rule.

If you would like more information on LCR Dashboard please contact Dyer Schlitzkus at dschlitzkus@lja.com or 713.380.4420


We would also like to thank Jarrett Rabroker and the rest of the Core & Main team. They battled the heat, humidity and rain for over 6 hours to prepare an amazing meal for all our members in attendance.

Please contact Jarrett Rabroker at Jarrett.Rabroker@coreandmain.com or 713.672.1472. Core & Main is a leading distributor of water, sewer, and storm drain products.  click here to visit the Core & Main website




Issues have come up in the past with meeting discipline.  In other words, not treating these meetings the same as you would an in person class.  So sit down.  Don’t be wandering around talking to your friends, playing on your phone, smoking outside or dumping your dinner trash.  Give the instructor your courteous attention.  They have put forth the effort to put a presentation together for your benefit.  We are charged by TCEQ via TWUA to follow the rules.  There was an occurrence at the last All Day and again last month with folks attempting to get credit for attending the meeting without being there for the full hours claimed.  THIS CANNOT HAPPEN.  It endangers our charter and our very existence.  Please do not put your membership in jeopardy or run the chance of ruining it for our 300 or so loyal members.